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If you are an English Language Teacher, you are in the right place. On this site you’ll find a range of fun, engaging podcasts to help you plan, engage your students and breathe some life into your lessons. There are a range of episodes featuring special guests and some with just me. Check out the podcast below. Any links to materials or resources can be found in the show notes. Share the love.

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Episode 65: ‘When Trust is Built, Learning can Happen’ with Anjalee Beverly EVERYTHING EFL

This week I am joined once again by the inspirational Anjalee Beverly (check out Episode 36 if you haven't already). She is all about building community in the class room before reallygetting down the nitty-gritty of teaching. Anjalee is a mainstream school teacher: how many of these ideas can you steal and adapt from this episode for your class? 1. Class Agreements 2. Affirmations 3. Community Circle 4. Surveys 5. Collective Breath Episode Shownotes: Anjalee Beverly is a twelfth year elementary education teacher who has recently moved to an International school in Cartajena, Colombia. Anjalees’ motto is trust before standards and she seeks to bring joy and rigor to every class session. She believes relationship building with students and their families is a crucial part of the learning process. Her ultimate goal as an educator is to teach her students to love themselves as they are and to find liberation through academic excellence. You can find her on instagram as Ms.Cleverly.Beverly or at http://www.mrscleverlybeverly.com Recommended reading: Pushout: the Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools, Monique W Morris, The New Press Don’t forget to engage on Insta or Facebook after the episode. Theme music by @sean.cass (Instagram). Like, share, DM me and follow Everything EFL Podcast on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for episode postings and teaching tip videos. Subscribe to Youtube @Everything EFL for teaching tip videos and full podcast episodes with Closed Captions. Email me at showandtelleverythingefl@gmail.com. Connect with me on LinkedIn at Erin O’Byrne Subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple…. and don’t forget to tell your colleagues. Share the love. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/everything-efl/message
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-Erin O’Byrne-

Well, that would be me. I’m Erin O’Byrne and I’m from the UK but I call Ireland my home. I have years of experience teaching both students and teachers. I decided to carry on the podcast solo and am loving every minute of it! I’m currently designing courses for mainstream school teachers who teach English but need a few EFL-y pointers.

– Shane Callaghan –

Shane came for the ride but got off after 30 or so episodes. Still, he has been a vital part of Everything EFL Podcast. Keep your eye out: he may return as a guest…